The French Tech Podcast covered the Big Data World Asia conference in Singapore. Here’s a selection of the video interviews recorded during the two days. For all conversations recorded during this event, please refer to our YouTube channel.

Data at the speed of business

Shawn Rogers is Senior Director of Analytic Strategy at TIBCO. He shares insights on how data analytics has shifted focus from the “how” to the “why”, and on the importance of data at the speed of business! Find out more on

The importance of the humanities and the arts for data science and machine learning

Clara Chua (People & Culture Consultant at Circles.Life) and Ling Yi Chang (AI specialist at Microsoft) discuss the great value of the humanities and other non-technical backgrounds for data-science, and why diversity is essential when it comes to building non-biased data sets for Artificial Intelligence and Data-Science.

Robust, real-time decision making at scale

Bill Odel (Chief Marketing Officer) and Aveekshith Bushan (Regional Director APAC) from Aerospike talk about the importance, and difficulty, of robustly leveraging big-data on a global scale, in real-time.

Reducing the carbon-footprint of data centers

Data delivers a lot of business-impact, but it comes with the often invisible cost of a large carbon footprint. Cooling data-centers is a large contributor to that footprint. That’s why cooling data-centers is an energy efficiently manner is high on the agenda of many governments. Ramanathan Arumugasamy from SMARDT Chillers, the world’s most efficient way to cool data centers, shares his insights on these topics.