David Bensadon is the founder and CEO of We Are Caring, Singapore’s smart and ethical agency for hiring foreign domestic workers.

Foreign Domestic Workers, or “helpers” as they are often called, are common all across Asia Pacific. A helper is live-in maid, whose duties include cleaning, cooking and childcare. These women often leave their home country, and families, behind because of a lack of other well-paid job opportunities. The total number of domestic workers in Asia is hard to estimate, but informal sources claim that they might account for between 2.5 and 10 percent of total employment in the region. The numbers are overwhelming. China alone is estimated to be the home to 20 million helpers, mostly from the Philippines and Indonesia.

When a helper leaves their home-country in search for opportunity, they are bound by rules and regulations, and are obliged to call upon the services of third-party agencies to find a foreign employer. These agencies routinely charge up to 6 months of salary for their services, leaving the helper with little or no money to provide for their families back home. David Bensadon, through his agency We Are Caring, is trying to change all this. The first smart and ethical agency in Singapore, We Are Caring refuses to take any money from helpers. Only three years after its creation, the company has risen to the top 1% of Singaporean maid agencies – all through word-of-mouth and organic growth. Their secret? Listen to our conversation to find out.

Learn more about We Are Caring website : https://wearecaring.com/

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