The French Tech Fireside Chats are intimate conversations with today’s thought-leaders. Recorded in front of a small live audience, they are a place for us to explore the ideas, trends and technologies that are transforming our world and reshaping our societies. We live in a time of rapid technological change. Software has eaten the word, uprooted industries and, some would argue, even democracies.

The rate of change is ever accelerating. Artificial Intelligence is becoming ever more ubiquitous, and threatens to lead to a massive transformation of the way we work and organize our societies – forcing us to ask the question “what do humans bring to the table that no algorithm could ever replace?”. We explore this question with two guests:

Ling Ling Tai is Southeast Asia’s fastest rising female podcaster and an expert in learning in development. She helps organizations foster a learning culture of increase employee engagement through her company Culture Spark (

Bernard Golstein is the author of the book “DUALITY: Prepare Yourselves and Your Children for the Age of Artificial Intelligence”, available on Amazon ( He’s also the CEO of Sharper AI , which helps organizations unlock their Artificial Intelligence potential.