Every French person working in tech in Singapore, is already a member of French Tech Singapore – even if they might not yet realize it! Or so says Julien Condamines – ex-Googler, startuper and founder of the Singapore-based innovation boutique “Co-Creation Lab”.

We sit down with Julien to talk about the value of community when running a business abroad, the power of the pay-it-forward attitude, and about the opportunities that his involvement in French Tech Singapore have generated for him.

But if you’re looking to connect with the the French Tech community in the little red dot, don’t expect to get more out of it than you’re willing to put in, Julien warns. The impact of the network depends entirely on the willingness of its members to provide value to their fellow entrepreneurs. The best way to get involved is to not to passively reach out, but to actively participate – to create value, in whatever way you can.

Find out more about French Tech Singapore at : https://frenchtech.sg/

Learn more about the Co-Creation Lab at : https://cocreationlab.co/